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A child's early years are an amazing (and fleeting) opportunity to mold what kind of learner, and what kind of person, he will become. Countless studies have shown the first five years comprise a critical window of development when the brain becomes "wired" ... so it's important for every young child to be in a healthy, quality learning environment. Unfortunately, not all children get the support they need during this time to reach their potential.

Our vision is that all Virginia children
will start school prepared and healthy—and reaching that goal means starting even before birth.

Serving Hampton, Newport News and beyond,
Smart Beginnings Virginia Peninsula has the resources and services to give children the start they need, from physical development to social-emotional skills to intellectual growth. We're here to help you understand the importance of early childhood for the future of our community—and for your child.

(757) 240-2731

321 Main Street, Ste A
Newport News, VA 23601

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